Solidary Golfinhos

In solidarity with the most affected families in the Baixada Fluminense, Golfinhos da Baixada joined NGOs, collectives and civil society initiatives. We need your help to donate non-perishable food and household and personal hygiene products. We also accept masks and gloves for handling donations.

Attention companies and individuals

Special thanks to all who are with us in this Sea of Solidarity! Thanks to the support of individuals, legal entities and non-profit institutions, several families in Queimados were provided with a basic food and hygiene and cleaning products basket. Thank you very, very much. Support the Solidary Golfinhos in this cause! We really need your strength!

Solidary Golfinhos

Since we stopped our swimming activities, the Golfinhos da Baixada opened a new front, the Solidarity Golfinhos, which together with NGOs, groups, churches and collectives, we have managed to bring hope to several families in the Baixada Fluminense.

Suspension of classes and other activities

Valuing the well-being of our professional team and all our students, the head office of the Golfinhos and the Golfinhos Paradiso will also not work in this period, however, we will continue with the service through our social networks, and any new information regarding situation, you will be informed through these channels.

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