February 27, 2020

Reports 2020

Stay on top of what's happening in the Golfinhos da Baixada, just click on the items below:

Learn a little more about the history of the Golfinhos! Download our institutional presentation here.

Golfinhos News - Feb / 2020 - 1st Edition

ATTENTION: Golfinhos da Baixada informs the suspension of classes of other activities!

Hello Golfinhos Friends! Check out the survey carried out in the first delivery of basic food baskets.

Check here the destination of the 351 basic food baskets that you helped us to donate!

Delivery of food baskets, hygiene products and masks: Check here the updated survey data until June 2020!

Confira aqui o destino das 1.054 cestas básicas que você nos ajudou a doar!

Golfinhos News - Apr-May-Jun / 2020 - 2nd Edition

Golfinhos News - Jul / 2020 - 3rd Edition

Golfinhos News - Aug / 2020 - 4th Edition

Golfinhos News - Sep / 2020 - 5th Edition

Golfinhos News - Oct / 2020 - 6th Edition

Dezconstruir Course: download here and your certificate of completion of the course 🙂

Golfinhos News - Nov / 2020 - 7th Edition

Golfinhos News - Dec / 2020 - 8th Edition

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