December 28, 2017


The idea of ​​the Golfinhos da Baixada came up to supply a need, a lack of sports activities to occupy children and adolescents in the Baixada Fluminense region. In 2011 with the Baixada Games, the social project Golfinhos da Baixada was born, a team of 10 children and young people representing the Queimados swimming team.

Social impact indicators

1. Regular swimming practice
2. Health & quality of life
- Weight / height / BMI measurement
- Blood pressure and blood glucose
- Perception of eating habits
3. Social integration of young people and their families
- Perception of children leaving the streets
- Participation in community events in the region
4. Personal growth through the development of socio-emotional skills
- Better self-esteem
- Extroversion
- Consciousness, etc.


PurposeMake swimming practice accessible to children and young people of the Baixada Fluminense.
MissionPromote social transformation through swimming.
VisionTo be a reference in the promotion of swimming and social leadership.
Fair play

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